All About IronBok

IronBok Energy Drinks is manufactured in the Western Cape and offers a mix of energy boosters and energy supplements that is fast becoming the people’s ultimate choice. We use a range of natural ingredients for all our products, ensuring the use of only trusted formulas and methods that maximises energy while keeping your health in check.

How IronBok was Born: A Brief History

In the early 1990s, an entrepreneur experimented with ingredients in a makeshift lab in a garage. He used the hypothesis that the customary natural ingredients associated with stamina, neuron activity, energy, intelligence, organ stimulation and good health, would have a positive effect on humans if formulated correctly.

After a few hiccups, to further research the hypothesis, with the intention of making an energy drink that was highly qualitative, he went to UCT and interacted with biochemistry and food science experts.

After many years of research and experimentations, in 2008 Fusion Beverages was registered by the Health Department to manufacture IronBok Energy Drinks and products. Today, the IronBok brand consists of 55 variations within 7 distinct ranges. Customers are demanding quality, and IronBok meets the demands of today’s health conscious consumers. This is the reason why we have grown by an average of 500% in the last 5 years and aim to be the #1 qualitative energy drink and South Africa’s patriotic choice.


The beverage industry is one of the most difficult industries. And if you’ve survived for over 8 years like IronBok has then you have survived due to quality and innovation.

IronBok prides itself on delivering quality energy drinks with a high dosage of natural and certified ingredients. We work with some of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world like Frutarom, Bioreal and Astareal.

We have been presented with numerous awards since our inception. These awards have been presented to IronBok in South Africa and internationally.

Alternative Caffeine 2009 Awards

Most Promising Up-and-Comer:

The award was primarily based on the fact that IronBok utilised a qualitative natural caffeine called guaranine that is extracted from guarana berries found in the wild Amazon forest in Brazil.

Energy Guru 2011 Awards

Best Value Award

IronBok offered a superior range of ingredients when compared to our competitors. It was strongly emphasised that IronBok not only gives you energy but contributes to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Diabetic Bev 2011 Awards

High Impact but Zero Sugar Award

These awards are restricted by a core diabetic group. They test and sample for side effects and sugar traces like glucose and unfriendly sweeteners. IronBok O° (Zero Degrees) was given the highest score in terms of quality.

Beverage Network 2013 Awards

Long Lasting Award

The award was for the best overall product that produced the longest effects for energy. The judges took the following into consideration; concentration and distance travelled, no heartburn, tiredness, alertness, body language, etc. IronBok G² was voted as the best performing drink.

Customer Reviews

“IronBok Energy Drink G² made me feel like a Yster Bok. I am in my late 70’s and when I had my first drink of IronBok G²…I climbed up the roof, scraped off all loose sealants and reflashed them until 8pm. My wife thought I was at my mates place watching the cricket match and she said, “jy lieg”….she could not believe it when she actually saw the completed work.” Mr Van Niekerk from Goodwood

Thanks for making such a fantastic product. I have always made excuses about being tired in
the evening and going to bed early. When a friend of mine suggested TesTro…I never made
any excuses and my wife stopped complaining at night.TesTro is a lifesaver in the bed. Roy Adams from Durbanville

Gerrie van Aswegen from Rondebosch: complemented IronBok on the muscle Power Both my sons play a lot of sport and they need to have a lot of energy. I found out that the Muscle Power gives them sufficient energy to play 2 full games each…now the whole team is drinking Muscle Power. Well done for making a drink with a potent anti- oxidant such as Astaxanthin….they truly feel like wild strong salmon.

My wife is a diabetic and her feet were amputated. She is always depressed and low on
energy. Every Time a new sugar free product comes onto the market we get her to try it. But the only product that works is the IronBok Sugar Free Zero Degrees O° Martie and Gerrit Louw from Parow

One day a friend of mine bought the IronBok Zero Degrees ( 0° ) It was in the fridge for almost 2 weeks and when I saw that she was really feeling unwell, I insisted she try it. All she would say, “all this cheap stuff doesn’t work” It was 3pm when she had the 0° sugar free and she was in such great spirits that we only went to bed after 1am.

We were shocked and contacted IronBok to find out what was in the product. I still remember Mr Reddy telling me , “it is made with love and every bottle has a heartbeat”. Now we know it contains some of the most powerful and qualitative ingredients sourced from the best harvesters in the world. The sweetener, Neotame is also non-harmful and has no side effects. Sugar free IronBok products was hardly seen in the stores in my area.

I took a drive starting from Maitland Voortrekker road to the end of Kuilsriver telling every single shop that it was an injustice if they did not stock the IronBok Sugar free products. May God Bless IronBok for such a great product. Marti